Trying to find Guardians of the Dazu’s Rock Carvings

Chongqing – The Chongqing International Land-Sea Interaction Structure just recently released the Foreign Young people Public Well-being Production Task. As component of the general public well-being task, it hires worldwide trainees from colleges in Chongqing as well as teams up with neighborhood social companies.

Along with enhancing worldwide trainees’ assumptions of Chongqing’s public well-being setting, society, as well as success, the program is anticipated to enhance worldwide participation as well as exchanges in between cities in public well-being.

Concentrating on public well-being as well as society as exchange subjects, Chinese as well as worldwide young people can genuinely experience Chongqing as well as foster pleasant communications.

The “Trying to find Guardians of Rock Carvings” program was begun by Abood, a Yemeni pupil examining cinema as well as movie supervisor at Chongqing College. The Dazu Rock Carvings are just one of the globe’s 8 primary underground chambers. A number of rock makings are spread throughout the countryside, secured as well as checked by country social antiques security volunteers.

On December 21 as well as 22, 11 Chongqing International Land-Sea Interaction Structure participants took a trip to Dazu Area searching for the rock sculpting guardian.

They experienced the dome cinema in Baodingshan Scenic Location, discovered the building and construction background of Dazu Rock Carvings as well as the tales behind it, as well as discovered the combination of standard society as well as modern-day electronic modern technology.

Throughout their remain, international young people were amazed by the beauty as well as elegance of the rock sculptures. Abood from Yemen claimed, “It’s challenging to think these rock inscriptions were produced over a thousand years earlier. It’s exceptional.”

After visiting Baoding Hill, the staff remained to see the guardians of country rock sculptures in 4 locations, consisting of Douwanzhai Grottoes, Shucheng Rock Grottoes, Shimenshan Grottoes, as well as Yingpanpo Grottoes.

Zhou Yaode, a 76-year-old social antiques security volunteer in Team 8 of Zhongshan Town, Zhongao Community, Dazu Area, has actually been safeguarding the Douwanzhai Grottoes for 36 years. Zhou comes to the Douwanzhai Grottoes on time every night as well as cleanses the cavern holy place.

He rested near the rock sculptures during the night as well as maintained them risk-free. Over the previous 36 years, he had actually commuted in between his residence as well as the Douwanzhai Grottoes.

Zhou Yaode informed the staff regarding the background of the rock sculptures in the cavern holy place he was safeguarding. Citizens from the bordering location would certainly shed scent at the cavern holy place as well as prayer Buddha on the very first as well as fifteenth days of the Lunar New Year. The social life of the bordering neighborhood is additionally housed in the cavern holy place.

Zhou informed us that he would certainly secure the rock makings till completion of his life.

Throughout this excursion, Yang Xuquan, the guardian of Shimenshan high cliff sculptures, was additionally an unique guardian of rock makings. Given that 1975, his daddy has actually been caring for the Shimenshan rock sculptures. Yang Xuquan tackled his daddy’s duties as well as had actually been safeguarding them given that 1987. He’s been securing right here for 35 years. Yang Xuquan guards these Buddha statuaries daily, other than when he returns house for dinner.

” The surrounding area was formerly a marsh while my daddy was safeguarding this location. He grew various seedlings around the cavern holy place, which is currently a small woodland,” claimed Yang Xuquan. Yang Xuquan thinks that his daddy additionally secured the rock sculptures together with him as he observed the trees grown by his daddy. Yang Xuquan was rather experienced regarding the tales behind each Buddha sculpture throughout the excursion. Yang Xuquan has actually remembered all the tales he has actually listened to the overview inform tourists over the previous thirty years.

Furthermore, Dai Xiaobing, that has actually been photographing Dazu Rock Carvings for over 10 years, was clearly welcomed to this task. After 10 years of capturing Dazu Rock Carvings, Dai shared his experience with us. To take premium images of the rock sculptures at Baoding Hill, he as soon as invested a month there.

According to Dai, increasingly more rock sculptures have actually been preserved in the previous couple of years many thanks to the job of the Dazu Rock Carvings Research Study Institute. Dai is hopeful that even more youngsters will certainly see Dazu as well as see the Dazu Rock Carvings.

Abood claimed that shooting the docudrama on the guardians of rock sculptures intends to find out more regarding China as well as Chongqing as well as allow even more individuals experience what he saw as well as really felt in Dazu Area via his lens. He desires his movie would certainly offer Arabs a look of the genuine Chongqing to load this details void. “Today is unforgettable. We can still see these rock makings currently due to those guardians.”

Complying With the Foreign Young People Public Well-being Production Task, numerous tasks such as “Seeing the Globe in the Countryside,” “The City of Eagles,” as well as “Love in the Hills” will certainly be held.